The Cheese-making Process

We make our Gouda with a native Dutch recipe and cheese culture shipped fresh from Wisconsin. The milk is pasteurized, and the culture is added to produce curds, which are cut by hand, packed in forms (called hoops), and pressed. The finished cheeses are immersed in salt brine, then cured in a refrigeration room where we turn and inspect them daily. During the first four days of production, a special rind is handpainted on each cheese. This allows the cheese to breathe while it ages. During the natural process of aging, the cheese takes on a richer flavor and color, ranging from soft yellow to a deep gold. Prior to shipment, we dip each cheese in a protective red wax coating. All this work is done by the Sisters: cheesemaking, packaging and shipping, as well as mail-order marketing. The Grade A milk is purchased through Dairy Farmers of America and delivered fresh from the farm (in all types of weather!) by the friendly truck drivers of Mountain Milk Hauling.