Word & Silence

For our monastic tradition, Lectio Divina is much more than a method or a series of steps for prayer, it’s a way of encountering the living God, letting him transform our lives, and bring this newness to others. It presupposes the willingness to surrender not a written text but to the Word himself who lovingly but constantly demands a response: to live out in the concrete details of our existence the message received. At the same time, silence is counted among the principal monastic values of our Order. It opens our minds to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit and favors attentiveness of heart and solitary prayer to God. Silence is the precious space where we welcome the Word of God.

We share these reflections with you as fruits of the Word embraced in the silence of our monastic life and within the richness of our Cistercian tradition. Check our blog The Monastic Approach for more reflections:  https://themonasticapproach.blogspot.com/

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