The Monastic Way

What is the basic truth underlying the monastic lifestyle?
God is worthy of the total gift of the human heart, and calls some persons to make this total gift, and to be satisfied with nothing else.

What can the monastery offer you?
It provides the opportunity to live, pray, struggle, rejoice and suffer in order to make this gift and to receive all that God has to give in return.

How does this contribute to the good of the world?
It provides a credible witness that it is possible to live, and live fruitfully, in accordance with the gospel, in an undivided love for Christ, and in sacrifice and compassion for all the human family.

Is it worth doing?
God seems to think so, and has called countless men and women down the centuries to this way of life.  The Sisters of Our Lady of the Angels have entered with gratitude into this long stream of tradition.  We invite you to come and see!